"Needless to say, the customer is extremely happy"

We just received this unsolicited e-mail that made our day:

Excellent book. I purchased the book and used it to help deliver a knowledge management solution based upon the c# DotLucene. I found the material very well written and organized. Even though the code samples were in Java, I found it was easy to translate to c# due to the way you presented the concepts.

I was able to create a MS Content Management Server crawler to index 15,000 knowledge base articles in less than 15 minutes. The customer's previous indexer used Full-Text indexing for SQL Server and took well over 2 hours. Searches that used to take over 7 seconds now return in milliseconds, not to mention the fact that the search results are much more relevant than before. Needless to say, the customer is extremely happy.

Thanks to your book, I was able to get this project completed in 5 weeks. Prior to that, I had very little knowledge of search engines or content indexing. I hope to have the opportunity to use Lucene in future projects. If you decide to write more, I would love to see a "advanced" book that describes some more of the inner workings if Lucene. I am interested in learning more about things like term vector calculations and more advanced analysis concepts.

I have learned a great deal and look forward seeing more in the future. Great job and thanks!

We will definitely keep these suggestions in mind for the second edition of LIA. If you'd like to send us suggestions/comments/compliments/errata, please .

Posted on Wed, 20 Jul 2005 08:56