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5.5.1 : Using DateFilter

starts on page 171 under section 5.5 (Filtering a search) in chapter 5 (Advanced search techniques)

... searches, wrap it with a CachingWrappingFilter to benefit from caching the docu- ment range that matches...


Our keen Korean translator, Cheolgoo Kang, pointed out that we misspelled CachingWrapperFilter. There are three places in the book, CachingWrappingFilter">easily located using our handy search engine, where we incorrectly used CachingWrappingFilter instead of the correct CachingWrapperFilter. [Permalink]

8.8 : Chaining filters

starts on page 304 in chapter 8 (Tools and extensions)

... you're using a caching filter. Chained-Filter doesn't cache, but wrapping it in a CachingWrappingFilter...


starts on page 416

... 284 C++ 10 analysis 103 Antiword 264 CachingWrappingFilter during indexing 105 ANTLR...